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Invest Marrakesh Properties, Agadir, Essaouira with Agencimo

Invest in Morocco Properties

Morocco becomes a destination more and more appraisal by the Westerners. The reasons are simple:

- A 3 hours of the principal European capitals, with very gravitational tariffs (OPEN agreements SKY) - particularly pleasant Climate,
- rich Culture and accessible population,
- Country of contrast with splendid and varied landscapes,
- attractive Taxation for the foreign pensioners,
- Cost of living less raised,
- Price of the accessible real goods compared to those in Europe,
- Market in strong progression,- inciting measurements to develop the investment (guaranteed transfers of the capital and appreciations, exemption of taxes on CA export during 5 years...). plan of Morocco

Where to invest ?

 Agencimo mainly focuses its activities on 3 cities: Marrakech, Agadir and Essaouira.

Invest in Marrakech Properties

- the red city symbolizes the dream, the mystery and the authenticity,

- city of the craft industry, the leisures and authentic tourism,

- generous, dynamic city and round towards the future,

- tourist destination very appraisal throughout the year,

 - animated city (restaurants, lounges, private beach, festivals,..), with its médina and its riads - development of tourist projects out of the commun run (sumptuous fields with golfs, shops, leisures,..)


To live In Marrakech ?

- In the residential districts of Guéliz and Hiernage, located in the new city, pleasant and are appreciated by Europeans

- Guéliz (the district of French), located in full center of Marrakech concentrates the whole of the shops, trade, the Post office, Mac Do, the central market, etc... The avenue Mohamed V which connects Guéliz to Médina is very animated and of large European signs settle there. - the Hivernage (16th of Marrakech) is the district where are installed the majority of the large hotels. One finds there primarily residential buildings, trade and offices. The purchase of apartement in Hivernage or Guéliz attracts many investors and is very snuffed by the private individuals to take his retirement or like foot with ground.


- A Targa, new residential district located at the west of Guéliz by prolonging the axis Mohamed V, at 2km approximately after the French college Victor Hugo. One finds there primarily new villas of standing in Marrakech with swimming pools for some of them and generally built on 2 levels, from 250 to 800 m2. The district of Targa offers possibilities of hiring of villa to Marrakech.

- A Palm plantation, where are mainly great privative and hotel fields of luxury like the Palm plantation Golf De luxe hotel or the village of the Med Club.

- On the various roads on the basis of Marrakech (road of Ourika, Amizmiz, Fés, Agadir...)

- In médina, in the historical c?ur of Marrakech, where the riads are (renovated or to renovate).

Invest in Essaouira

- small balneal city located at 180km of Marrakech,
- with its superb fine sand beach and its animated port,
- its activities of surfing, board with veil ` beach enough ventée'
- its médina picturesque, passage of 200 000 to 300 000 tourists in 2010 (plane objective azure)

Invest in Agadir

- Agadir the white one extends along a long beach from fine sand,
- more recent city, more turned towards tourism of mass,
- seeks to develop new markets by diversifying its tourist offer,
- a large project of installation of the coast of Taghazout is in hand.

What is your investment property project in Morocco ?

You invest in Morocco for :

- Your main home in the short or medium term,
- Your second home (and possibly a rental investment),
- an investment in real estate - a rental investment,
- To develop an activity (houses of hosts, commercial activities, tourist)

Our data base contains goods corresponding to these various alternatives and our advisers are at your disposal for you to present them and to help you in the various steps to achieve.

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